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We purchase, sustainably harvest, and process hardwood timber in our State-of-the-Art Sawmill. From logs to logistics we have a hand in the entire lifecycle of a pallet, allowing us to earn our reputation for quality.


We live in an era where many manufacturers cut corners in order to present a low price and consider it their competitive advantage. We believe our competitive advantage is the incredible depth of  resources that are shared across all our companies to extract maximum value from the timber we process.


We understand the value of reliable vendors and the devastating consequences of inconsistent deliveries to manufacturers. To us on time delivery is more than a pursuit of a lofty metric. It’s about building trust in our partnerships, and doing what we say we’ll do. 


Our company thrives on the utilization of each piece of timber when harvesting. The overarching goal when harvesting is to select the finest grades and colors for our furniture product line with Palettes By Winesburg. Upon the selection, excess materials are then transformed into industrial pallets, landscaping mulch and shavings are even sent to local paper companies for processing. 


Nearly 40 years of experience has allowed us to establish pull and seek perfection. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to select with precision the healthiest and most unique timber to ensure the most authentic chair, table, and/or cabinet. Pallets, landscaping mulch, and shavings are a great byproduct of our timber processes. We see ourselves continuing to advance and improve our utilization program, so we get the most out of the raw materials and help the environment.


It began in 1975 with a simple logging company and an idea from a simple man. Founded with the intention to create a better future for generations to come, Levi Coblentz thought to start a new endeavor in the timber industry. Robert Coblentz, Levi's son, having experience with woodworking, expanded on his father's idea and so began Winesburg Pallet.

Winesburg Pallet has been devoted to delivering quality pallets and quality service for over 44 years. What started out as an ordinary logging company in 1975, has now evolved into a family run operation in a state-of-the-art facility. Our goal has never been to worry about being the biggest, but only being the best at what we do. We have been able to accomplish this with hard work and dedication from the legacy left behind by Levi Coblentz. 



Winesburg Hardwood begins as a two-man logging crew. Initially, timber was bought, harvested, and sold to other sawmills.


Started using machines to manufacture pallets.


Robert's sons become partners.

July 2017

The Old Mill burns down.

August 2017

Construction of the new mill begins.

April 2018

New mill constructed and production resumes.


Winesburg Pallet continues to evolve under the leadership of Robert Coblentz and his sons.



Members of NWPCA (National wooden pallet and container association) & bought first delivery truck.



Sawmill begins operations.


Winesburg Pallet is formed and begins building shipping pallets and crates by hand.


Dry kilns are introduced. This allows the company to sell dried lumber and offer heat treated shipping pallets.