We also provide Customizable Crate solutions. Ensuring your products will arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. Increased product protection, lightweight, engineered for your exact application, non-stackable.


Industries we service include Medical Equipment, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Military, Automotive, Chemical and Construction. We offer many styles and sizes of pallets to take care of most any job!



GMA (48X40)

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (since re-branded as the Consumer Brands Association in 2020), established pallet specifications for the food and beverage transportation industry. More than 40% of the pallets produced in the U.S. are GMA pallets. Our standard GMA pallet size is 48"x40" and also meets the following requirements:

  • A minimum load-bearing capacity of 2,500 pounds

  • Four-way forklift entry with two notches on the side

  • Top and bottom deck boards that are 5/8" thick


Our wood Drum Pallets measure 48x48 and are used in multiple industries to transport oil, chemicals, and other liquids or materials. These pallets are specifically designed for use with 55 gallon drum containers. Made with two stringers instead of one in the pallet's center, they are rigid and capable of bearing heavy loads.


At Winesburg Pallet, we offer single and double-winged pallets. Pallet wings are the overhang of pallet deck boards over the blocks or stringer boards. If only one face of the pallet has wings, the pallet is called a single-winged pallet. If both the top and the bottom of the pallet has wings, it's a double-winged pallet. This is meant to increase the unit-load area, add pallet load-bearing capacity, and reduce deck board-end splitting by fasteners.



A skid is another term for a singe deck pallet, which means it has a top deck but not a bottom deck. Skids are mostly used for storing heavy objects.


Block pallets are true 4-way entry pallets. Typically our block pallets use 4 to 12 solid wood blocks to support the top deck boards. We also specialize in chemical block pallets. These pallets are designed for use in the chemical and plastic production industries. Often used to handle granular bags of raw material as well as drums and other containers, these chemical pallets can combat toxic and corrosive chemical spills. Our chemical pallets are marked according to models CP1-CP9. They are also ISPM 15 certified and meet the International Plant Protection Conventions (IPPC) regulations.