Heat Treatment (ISPM:15)

Heat Treatment of solid wood products main purpose is to prevent the spread of disease and insects. If you're planning to ship to countries that are part of the United Nations, you'll want to have a trustworthy source for heat-treated pallets.

Delivering Fleet

Running out of pallets is not an option. Having your pallets delivered with our fleet ensures your pallets are always delivered on time, every time and allows us to expedite shipments efficiently as needs arise.

Drop and Hook

If you're short on warehouse space, store your pallets in our trailer with our Drop and Hook service. 


Use our stenciling service for the addition of custom text!

PDS (Pallet Design System)

 PDS software helps us create the ideal spec for your product's size, weight and/or other critical point(s). Knowing our software is backed by over 30 years of R&D performed in collaboration with Virginia Tech and the US Forest Service.

Pallet Removal

Having old unwanted pallets around is very unappealing and can create safety hazards. We can help, by properly disposing of or recycling your old used pallets.

Stocking Program

You can count on us for all your stocking needs! We are able to accomplish this by building your pallets ahead of time, which are ready to ship in a reasonable time frame.

Color Coding

Want to keep things organized? We offer a color coding service to make sure your pallets are kept in order!